Neo-Spartan businessmen insist on the return of expropriated assets to generate confidence in investors

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Entrepreneurs of Nueva Esparta State consider it essential to promote a climate of trust that comes with concrete signals aimed at restoring tranquility and security in the private sector as the best way to promote investment, production and promotion efforts for the development of the country.

By La Patilla – Dexcy Guédez

Sep 18, 2022

This is how the President of the Nueva Esparta Chamber of Commerce, José Gregorio Rodríguez, explained it during his participation in the Seminar on Special Economic Zones held this weekend at the Wyndham Concorde Margarita Hotel.

The event was focused on creating a learning community and evolving that can build in an articulated manner the Special Economic Zone of the Island of Margarita in an inclusive, coherent and progressive manner.

The event was sponsored by Maduro’s national assembly, and was attended by business leaders, regional authorities and social organizations of the state.

Among the signs that Maduro’s regime can provide to potential investors, is the return of expropriated assets to their rightful owners, as well as the suspension of the large financial transaction tax in Nueva Esparta.

Among the expropriated assets in Margarita are the Margarita Hilton Hotel and the Conferry shipping company, both owned by the Tovar Mata family from Margarita.

Entrepreneurs also requested the activation of a credit mechanism for tourist consumption, which would stimulate and motorize the tourist flow towards this Caribbean island, notably weakened by the fall in the purchasing power of Venezuelans.

Among other demands of the island’s business association, was also the updating of the Territorial Development Plan and specifying tax incentives.

They also raised the simplification of real estate business procedures along with legal, public, social and food security and insisted on the guarantee of sufficient and efficient public services, which involves granting operation concessions to the private sector.

They further demanded education for innovation, science and technology, together with the activation of a Trans-disciplinary Technical Committee to build the scaffolding of the Nueva Esparta Special Economic Zone.

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